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1. Forming Machine: Maintenance requirements for spindle,  spindle life of machining center, large sculpture

Suggestion to customer to use  2-5 # industrial oil to cool the spindle, non-greasy oil, anti-rust, anti-clog, good spindle cooling, ensure the durability and longevity of the spindle.


2. Software requirement

CNC machine using NC code, processing software includes: TYPE3 JDP PRO / E UG POWER MILL also suitable, non-coding software system, it's convenient for customers to use.


3. Maintenance method of multi-head sculpture

Regularly check the cooling system of the spindle. Screw and slide needs to light with oil by every 4 hours, check the tool (machining to the extent possible, protect the spindle), finish the product, use airsoft gun or manual cleaning the wood humus to protect and increase machine life.


4. Voltage and pressure requirement

Normally the machine uses electricity 380V, it is best to buy voltage stabilizer to ensure the voltage of the machine stable, gas reserves in the 6-8 kg, recommended to go with gas tank.


5. About the network

Small machines can use USB to transfer files, large CNC machine recommend all networked to ensure the output file is not wrong, work safely, the system can transfer files online.

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